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Brian Jordan is a software engineer and game developer in San Francisco, California. Formerly at PopCap Games, TripAdvisor and One Laptop per Child.

Brian is the curator of Coding for Interviews, the weekly programming practice newsletter and teacher of the Coding for Interviews course.

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Greg Jordan on the Google Interview

Greg Jordan, one of my three (!) older brothers, recently had his first ever programming interview—at Google! In this take-no-prisoners, violate-no-NDAs podcast interview, Greg talks about: The one topic Brian told him to study the day before his interview that

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Choosing a Programming Language for Interviews

Most popular programming languages of 2014

Last week at the MIT January term course Hacking a Technical Interview, after a class period finished a student asked me the question: I know many different programming languages. How do I choose which one to use during my interview?

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Say you don’t know

A Coding for Interviews weekly practice problem group member mentioned after making it through a long round of programming interviews at different companies (emphasis added to quotes throughout post): What I always have learned to do is just be honest

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Read your Damn Standard Libraries

A Coding for Interviews weekly practice problem group member mentioned during our Skype call that reading through the Java collections library was the most valuable step he took while preparing for his programming interviews. In addition to getting a better

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